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February 2016 - Chris Schuette


February 24, 2016 | By | No Comments

Well, Isla is officially a big girl now; she lost her first two teeth within days of each other.

Sadly, she will not be able to partake in my delicious jawbreaker/corn-on-the-cob casserole.

She really wants to show the tooth to her Auntie Colleen, so Patty suggested we leave a note, asking the tooth fairy to leave the tooth, but presumably cough up the cash immediately.

Pretty sure I’ll be hearing from the Tooth Fairy’s Union rep over this.

Daddy Daughter Time

February 22, 2016 | By | 2 Comments

Fun day out with Isla yesterday! We went to the Community Center and she was playing with a little boy. When I told him she was deaf, he immediately starting signing to her! I was shocked! (You can probably tell by all the exclamation points.)

Turns out, his grandma, grandpa, and cousin (who were there too) are deaf, so I got a chance to have a nice conversation in ASL. The boy’s aunt was also there, and she told me she is an ASL interpreter. They initially thought he was simply teaching a little girl ASL until they saw me sign “share,””wait your turn,” and “Barry Goldwater.” (That last one is a REALLY long story.)

After that, Isla and I headed over to Guitar Center where we checked out the acoustic guitars. She was very respectful, and asked my permission before touching any of them. She also had her eye on a nice purple Luna “Passionflower” parlour guitar.

She’ll have to battle me for it, of course.

Isla with Luna