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Toddler Update

November 11, 2013 | By | No Comments

SmileOK, I did go a long time without writing. What’s up with that? Like most people, my family and I are very busy in the Summer, and we spend more time living and less time writing. Isla turned 3 in June, and we’ve been chasing her ever since.

Daddy HatDespite my prolonged absence, I actually enjoy writing a blog. Since I have the memory of a 150 year-old barn-watcher, this blog provides something at least resembling a journal. My hope is that Isla and any other hypothetical descendants might find it interesting. It could happen. More likely, Isla will find all of this incredibly mortifying and I’ll be forced to delete the whole thing.

I am amazed at the wonderful young girl Isla is becoming. She was born with such a distinctive personality, and it has been incredible to see that personality develop from week to week. With the help of her cochlear implants, the incredible teaching staff at Northern Voices School, and countless others, Isla is talking up a storm.

Isla is also becoming more proficient with her first language, American Sign Language (ASL,) and most of her speaking is accompanied by ever-improving signs. Patty and I also continue to work on signing with the help of an amazing teacher.

Despite the challenges Isla faces, she is above all, a happy, excited little girl. And that’s the most important thing.

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