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July 2012 - Chris Schuette

Busy Busy

July 17, 2012 | By | One Comment

Incredibly busy Summer so far.  In addition to a boatload of work (that I am VERY thankful for,) I’ve also been chasing this around:

 This is what happens when she’s told to get off the cat

Isla has officially entered the Terrible Twos, and Daddy doesn’t get to write as much anymore. No, most of THAT time is earmarked for trips to the cabin, trips to the park, tripping while AT the park, and of course, smoothies.

Our little girl has also been able to crawl out of her crib for awhile now, and even though she has not yet figured out how to exit her room with the doorknob safety cover on, she is still capable of throwing books at the door. Either that, or Curious George really pissed her off.

To be honest, I love this new challenging phase; especially since it coincides with her increased vocalizations and ability to process sounds via her cochlear implants. She’s turning into a wonderfully creative, interested, and fun little girl.

Hopefully, I can keep up.