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Where Is The Snow?

January 16, 2012 | By | 4 Comments

Isla seems to be taking our unusually mellow Minnesota winter in stride.  Thanks to her cochlear implants, she can now hear her dear old dad go on about the brutal winters he experienced as a child; however, thanks to her youth, she simply doesn’t care.

Patty and I recently took Isla and the dogs for a jaunt through the fields behind our house. We all enjoyed the mild weather, and Indie & Bear got to wear themselves out.  Isla even got to walk the dogs for a bit, although, Indie seemed to have some reservations about taking orders from someone in a penguin hat. I guess I would too.

A lot of people ask how Indie & Bear are with Isla.  Well, they’re both great with her; however, Bear seems to be her protector and is a good sport when she wants to hug/ride/borrow money.  Indie prefers to keep her distance, lest Isla decide to work on her eye-poking skills.  Isla is never alone with the dogs, of course, and Patty & I are good about teaching Isla the proper way to interact with them.

Nothing wacky occurred on our walk, so unfortunately, all I have are adorable photos that’ll treasure forever. Sorry.


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