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Happy New Year

January 4, 2012 | By | No Comments

Patty and rang in the New Year with a couple of movies, a roaring fire and a quiet evening on the couch. Yes, we party pretty hard when Isla is sleeping.

We spent New Years Day at the Como Zoo & Conservatory, where they had their “Noon Years Celebration.” It’s a kid-friendly event where they do a countdown to noon and then have a beach-ball drop. That’s right, they cram a bunch of kids and their families into a confined space, give them noisemakers, then drop a whole bunch of free toys.

She elbowed two kids and a Teamster to get everything in this photo.

Isla always has fun at the Conservatory. She especially enjoyed watching the fish, while wondering how she could take one of THEM home. (Incidentally, never underestimate the speed and tenacity of the fine members of the Conservatory security staff.)

And the “No Diving” rule is strictly enforced.

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