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Calling Doctor Isla

November 29, 2011 | By | 2 Comments

Patty & I brought Isla to the Minnesota Children’s Museum on Sunday for some much-needed “burn off all your excess energy so you can for-the-love-of-God take a nap” time.  We have annual passes to the museum, so we tend to go there a lot.

As you can imagine, Isla loves any place where she cannot possibly run out of things to do.  This time, she decided to hang out in the “Our World” exhibit, which includes a toddler-sized “Main Street,” complete with a mini doctor’s office.  Considering how much time Isla has spent in the hospital, it was a bit of a relief to see her enjoying the surroundings.  She couldn’t wait to try on the lab coat and play with the stethoscope. She even attempted to break my leg in the hopes that she could take a real x-ray!  (I’m still a little disturbed by that.)

I know she’s just playing, but it’s amazing to watch her figure things out while also having fun.  Patty & I aren’t pushy parents, but we just want her to know that she can do anything she wants to in her life. She’s becoming a more confident little girl every day, and something tells me that she won’t let a little thing like hearing loss slow her down.

I just hope I can keep up.

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