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January 2011 - Chris Schuette

Daddy In The House

January 11, 2011 | By | No Comments

I have technically been off work since last Monday, but not so you’d really notice.  Patty got completely sidelined by a nasty fever/cold/demon. In addition to a trip to Urgent Care, she also needed me to kinda run things around here.  This was easy, since I’m a responsible adult who would never think of eating cake for breakfast.

Plus, Isla developed another one of those ear infections she seems so fond of, so that resulted in another trip to Urgent Care.  Predictably, this left no time for writing and very little time for recording.

Everyone is fine now. Patty is back at work and Isla is sitting next to me playing with what appears to be a large ham, or possibly a spatula (I’m typing, so I can’t really turn my head right now.)  I’m really enjoying my time off.  It gives me the chance to reconnect with my daughter, as well the time to catch up on old emails and phone calls.

You’ll have to speak up; I’m wearing a towel.

With any luck, I might actually get some music posted this week.  Eh, I can hope.