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Let The Food Sharing Begin

December 16, 2010 | By | No Comments

I reached for the last banana the other day. I know it was the last banana because earlier in the day, I saw that we had one banana left on the counter. So, using the awesome power of my brain, I reached for where I knew the last banana would be. 

Unfortunately, the banana wasn’t there. That’s right, I stood there grasping at air like some stupid Midwestern air-grasper for several minutes before I realized I was no closer to achieving the coveted rank of “Smug Banana Enjoyer.” 

“Smug Banana Enjoyer” Award 

Patty had earlier handed the banana to Isla, who adorably started chewing on it, resulting in the following incriminating photo. 



As I mentioned previously, Isla is starting to eat real food now.  As a result, I have to accept that I’ve officially entered the stage in my life where food mysteriously disappears more quickly than it used to. First it’s bananas, but eventually it will be cereal, pizza, cereal pizza, and leftovers from Shakeys. 

If she starts eating my strained peas, I’m just gonna cry.

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