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Baby Sign Language

December 14, 2010 | By | 4 Comments

I’ve previously mentioned that Patty & I are learning American Sign Language (ASL.)  As a result, we have been communicating basic signs to Isla.  I was initially skeptical that children are capable of interpreting and communicating via ASL at such a young age, but once I saw videos of it, I was convinced.  Recently, Isla has been signing “Mom.” We weren’t sure at first, since it tends to get lost in the general flailing and major tantrums.  Luckily, Patty was taking pictures the other day when Isla signed “mom” very clearly. I’m so proud of my little girl!

A good friend of mine asked if I was jealous that her first sign is “mom.” Since I’m obviously jealous of everyone, the answer is “yes,” of course.  C’mon!  I’m the one who plays piano for her. I’m the one who provides the “Daddy Snuggles.”  I’m the one who gives her an inexcusably large quantity of low-fat iced coffee drinks available at any retailer!

…Uh, scratch that last one.

Little breakthroughs like this really make us feel optimistic. Despite her hearing loss, we know we’ll be able to communicate with her, and she’ll be able to communicate with us.

Of course, she might just be making an obscene gesture. In which case, I have a whole lot of NEW things to worry about.

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