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Weekends With Isla

November 7, 2010 | By | No Comments

I’ve been having a great time with Wifey & Isla lately.  Isla is getting over a cold and her very first ear infection, and other than some residual congestion, she seems to be doing just fine.  As you can expect, our little girl’s mood has been improving as well.  Oh, and she’s doing this now:

Of course, no good will come of that.

The weekends have become even more important to me, since I feel like I never get enough “Baby Facetime.”  (This is of course different from “Babyface Time,” of which I get plenty.)

In addition to our regular weekend activities of ignoring various household chores, I’ve been giving more home concerts for Patty & Isla.  Since Isla has hearing loss, she gets to sit on the piano (with moral and literal support from Patty, of course.)  She seems to enjoy the music and the attention.  Plus, everyone loves to sit on a piano!

There has also been plenty of simple, but important play time with Isla’s laughter filling up the home. (Yes, it’s VERY distracting!)   However, one thing Patty & I still struggle with is getting Isla to sleep at night. The little girl really struggles and fusses, and it takes a while to get her from warp speed back down to impulse speed and finally back into spacedock.  (Um, I’ve actually been informed that my Star Trek references are neither amusing, nor insightful. However, I still want her to live long and prosper, and I want her to ask the important questions in life. Questions such as “Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few?”and “What do we do about this whole ‘whale thing’?” and of course, “What does God need with a Starship?”)

Anyway, we are finding some tricks that help, such as swaddling her so that her flailing arms don’t cause a re-awakening.  We’re also experimenting with different types of music and lighting. It’s a bit like running a nightclub or carpet store.

We also met recently with a very nice family whose son, who has been deaf his whole life is now a Senior in High school and will be attending college in New York.  The meeting was a great way to just talk with a family who has been down the road we’re heading.  We have a lot to think about, but we know we’re not alone.

Oh, and we’re also really freaking tired.

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