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Krazy Komment!

November 12, 2010 | By | 3 Comments

I recently received a rather odd comment from someone at a Hotmail address. I won’t divulge the email address, so I simply refer to the writer as “”  The wording/tone of the email suggests that it was written by a woman, and the fact that it was from a Hotmail account suggests she is over 80. 

The writer had viewed our (by all accounts) adorable video clip of Isla laughing which I posted earlier.  In the clip, you can can clearly see Isla’s little pink hearing aids.  Well, this writer opined that it was cruel to make a baby wear hearing aids and that a child should not have hearing aids until they’re age 3 at the earliest.  The commenter also suggested I get a clue and that I must be a bad mother. I’ll agree with that: I am one Bad Mother.

I didn’t save the comment because as you know, I simply cannot condone imperfect grammar…from clueless morons…who hate kittens (probably.)  I now wish I would have saved it, but it seemed more like this writer was more interested in trolling than engaging in an actual thoughtful dialogue about the choices one must make when raising a child with a disability.  Oh, and every study we looked into suggested that waiting too long to provide hearing aids can adversely affect learning and language development. I think I’ll take the advice of medical professionals over that of someone with a Hotmail account and no concept of punctuation.

Our family has received so much support from incredibly kind and talented people.  We are continually amazed at the help that is available for children with hearing loss, such as our Isla.  We also have the support of friends and family who are willing to help us in our journey. (Unfortunately, we do not yet have the support of Journey.)

Seriously, not even a phone call.

Patty & I are surprisingly friendly and approachable when out in public, and we have no problem when people politely ask about Isla’s hearing aids.  For the most part, people ask honest questions in a sensitive way. So, if you have questions about how we raise a child with hearing loss, please ask me. I love that kind of thing.  But if all you have is clueless insensitivity, prepare to be on the receiving end of my Gary Busey impersonation.  (Spoiler alert: It’s disgusting!)

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