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Current Family Favorite

November 8, 2010 | By | No Comments

Isla is growing like an adorable widdle weed and as a result, she is rapidly outgrowing some of the funnier (and less offensive) clothing she currently owns.  Patty & I figured it was our last chance to photograph her in this particular article of clothing.  As you can see, Indie & Bear are slightly less than amused…but only slightly.

OK, it’s a cute photo, but in all seriousness, we were VERY careful in staging this photo with Isla and the dogs. What this photo doesn’t show is me standing just off-camera ready to grab Isla if either one of our dogs moved even a little. Make no mistake, Indie & Bear are wonderful dogs and they have been great around Isla, but despite their training, dogs and other pets are still inherently unpredictable and should never be left alone with a child, even for a minute. 

Betcha didn’t think I knew that, did you?

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