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July 2010 - Chris Schuette

Munch-a-Bunch of Baby Photos

July 30, 2010 | By | 3 Comments

A couple of weeks ago, Patty, Isla and I got the chance to hang out with our good friends, Tom Dunn & Colleen McGuire.  I’ve known Tom Dunn for many years, and he and his wife, Colleen have become incredible friends to us.  Tom is a professional photographer.  He is a very good professional photographer. So good, in fact, that I have thrown away all of my cameras (even the valuable ones) because honestly, there is just no point anymore. However, I’m keeping the camcorder, as I’m still pretty good at pressing “record.”

We were just meeting at the St. Paul Farmers Market to do some catching up, and Tom was kind enough to take some amazing photos of Isla. As I mentioned before, Isla slept the whole time.  Still, the photos are instant treasures to us.  Be sure to check out Tom Dunn’s website. Then hire him. Immediately.


July 23, 2010 | By | 5 Comments

Soon after a baby is born, the nurses perform a hearing test. The test involves attaching electrodes to baby’s head and testing for brain response to audio stimuli. It’s not uncommon for babies to fail the initial test due to fluid in the ears and other potential factors. Isla failed the first test, so we had a follow-up test a few weeks ago. She failed that one too, so after confirming she didn’t have an ear infection, the next step was to visit a Doctor of Audiology at the University of Minnesota yesterday afternoon.

The test determined that Isla has significant hearing loss. More specifically, she has moderate to severe hearing loss in her right ear and mild to moderate hearing loss in her left ear. In practical terms, she can still hear our voices, she can still hear dogs barking, and she can still hear music; it just sounds much more quiet to her. She also has difficulty in hearing higher frequencies, but as everyone knows, all the good stuff happens at lower frequencies anyway.

We will be meeting with some specialists in the next several weeks so we can get started on a plan. They will work to determine the cause of her hearing loss, but considering she is less than two months old, we are prepared to rule out Led Zeppelin’s 1972 North American Tour. Isla will also be fitted for baby hearing aids, which of course will help her with language development. And you’d better believe we will set her up with the most adorable widdle hearing aids ever.

Patty & I are relieved. Until yesterday, we didn’t know if she could hear anything. Now that we know what we’re dealing with, we can help. We’re going to learn sign language, and we’re going to do whatever it takes to help our girl.  I even plan to finally stop mumbling and shave my big honking mustache.

I totally look like this guy!

Oh, one last thing. We noticed early on that Isla never seemed to startle at loud, sudden noises. As we were walking through the parking ramp following the appointment, someone hit their car horn right next to us. Patty & I jumped, and Isla immediately started crying in her stroller. Patty went to console her, but I just said one word:


Six Weeks

July 20, 2010 | By | No Comments

Oh, so THAT’S what everyone was talking about when they said, “get some sleep before the baby comes.”  Well, maybe if people weren’t laughing so much when they said it, I would have taken them seriously.

Isla is six weeks old today and although she is not as tiny as the day she was born, she is even more beautiful.  As you can imagine, the past six weeks have been a tremendous learning experience for Patty and me.  The most important thing we have learned is that we absolutely love being parents.  Even with the lack of sleep, the disjointed schedules, and the fact that previously mundane activities have been transformed into massive undertakings requiring honest-to-God planning, we love the new gig.

Indie & Bear were a little nervous at first, but they have finally warmed up to the adorable li’l screamer. Also, Bear can be bribed with “ice cream.”

This past weekend we also brought Isla to her first Farmers Market where we met up some great friends.  The sheer excitement of being in St. Paul, MN caused her to completely pass out.  Seriously, she slept the whole time! Even while we looked at Parsnips! Parsnips!!

Now that I’m done saying “parsnips,” here’s a photo of the pasty happy family.  Um, Patty and I didn’t realize we were both wearing black until we got there.  Isla is of course looking stunningly sleepy in her red cherry dress.


Man, I wish I could sleep like that.