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April 28, 2010 | By | No Comments

Nesting?  You want nesting?  I’LL give you nesting.  Our impending future human will likely be arriving within the next month, so Patty & I have been veritable whirlwinds of activity here at Casa und Hovel de Schuette par la mer (across from the rendering plant.)  As the due date approaches, we have been finishing projects that we put off a long time ago, and starting projects that simply have to get done before the baby arrives.  As you can guess, this really cuts into my lounging and/or writing schedule.

The house is looking great, though; we have re-hung closet doors, replaced light fixtures, created (and repaired) several holes in a handful of walls. We’ve put up shelves, dusted the hell out of everything and everyone who has been inside this house.  We’ve made countless visits to Menards and Ace Hardware.  I’ve walked the dogs extra times just to tire them out.  I also trained Indie to sort tiny screws and bolts, just so she knows who’s boss around here.  We’ve painted, cleaned, painted again, cleaned again, then slept for a couple of hours each night before getting up and doing it all again.

We’ve stocked up on food and food-based ingestibles, and we’re putting a lot of pre-made meals in the freezer.  We’ve also baby-proofed, dog-proofed, cat-proofed, and Cloverfield Monster-proofed the entire joint.  If you feel like hitting your head on the corner of a coffee table in MY house, now would be the time to do it.

I even de-MC Escher-ed my organizational nightmare of a garage. You know those big pieces of pegboard that people put in their garages and then hang stuff from? Well, I gots ’em!   I’ll have a whole lotta challenges with the new baby, but you better believe I can find a screwdriver when I need one!  Anything that was on the floor is on a wall or in the garbage!  Anything that was in the garbage is in the yard! (what are you, a cop?)

In addition to making the house awesomely radical and funky fresh, we also attended three (count ’em,) three birthing classes.  I learned a ton (mostly that I can apparently watch anything on a television screen.)

Despite all of this preparation, I still have to admit that I’m nervous.  No one looks forward to seeing a loved one go through a difficult process.  I know that Patty is strong enough to do great; I can only hope that I am too.

Either way, I’ll be right there with her.

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