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Wink Woolery

October 7, 2009 | By | No Comments

Chuck WooleryWink MartindaleEvery so often, I am hired to write a piece of music that requires, shall we say, “extra cheese.”  In this case, I was hired to write some “game show” music for a local radio show.  Well, since my history of rotting my childhood brain with the help of television is a matter of public record, I was very willing to take on the challenge.

The first thing I knew is that the piece needed bongos…FRANTIC bongos.  They wound up a little buried in the mix, but they are there, believe you me!  I also knew it needed trumpet hits and a tuba, mainly because every musician will tell you that “Tuba = Funny.”  (Also, the square root of trumpets is piano…wait, that can’t be right.)  The melody is carried by vibes and a very poor quality digital piano patch. Remember, whenever something sounds bad, it’s “deliberately cheesy!” Or something.

After I got it sounding like a 70s Game Show, I needed to give it a name.  I decided to call the piece “Wink Woolery,” after famous game show hosts and plastic hair aficionados Wink Martindale and Chuck Woolery.  It’s a short piece, only 57 seconds, but it’s supposed to be.  It is also written to be loopable, in case you don’t ever want it to stop.

But at some point, please, for the love of God, make it stop.  Enjoy!

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