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Red Wing-ing It

October 5, 2009 | By | No Comments

MehPatty & I went to Red Wing, MN over the weekend.  No, we weren’t there to look at all the vintage photos of Charles Nelson Reilly.  We actually went down to load up on small town charm and to look at antiques.  Trust me, if you ever dreamed of getting into a slap-fight with a cranky octogenarian over an early-20th century Victrola, Red Wing is the place for you!  (I’ll wait while you Google that entire sentence.)

I’m not really that into antiques, but Patty is looking for a new Dining Room table, and I am totally trying to impress her with my vast knowledge of tables, TV trays and certain ledges.  Truthfully, the only thing I know about antique tables is that napping on them is strictly and abruptly frowned-upon…with actual frowning…plus some glowering  (although, I think that clerk was just showing off. )  We didn’t find a table, but Patty found some sweet picture frames and a really boss old camera.  Check it out:

Perhaps the most disturbing thing that I found, other than the racy pictures of Ernest Borgnine,



was this old action figure carrying case (made of genuine plastic, so don’t settle for imitations.)
*cough* Rip-off! *cough*

*cough* Rip-off! *cough*

Damn Dirty Ape, I guess.Pardon my casual, socially-acceptable swearing, but what the hell is “Star World??”  I’ll let all of the hardcore Star Wars fans out there check out this particular bit of lawsuit-fodder, but I have to ask, “What’s with the Fabio Space Monkey?”
All in all, it was nice quick little trip out of town.  The weather was lousy, but we didn’t care; because the most important thing is that…
…I’m sorry, but is  “Darth Vader” wearing an evil skating outfit??


Never mind, I’d better go sleep this off.

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