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Silly Goose

September 29, 2009 | By | No Comments

Photo taken by Patricia Schuette

So I’m getting out of my car at work this morning, and I literally miss planting my clean dress shoes into a conveniently-placed pile of goose-droppings by mere millimeters.  Seriously, millimeters!  (I had a tape measure with me.)  Let me explain something.  If I HAD stepped in goose droppings the second I stepped out of the car, I would scrape off what I could. I would then get back in the car, drive home, put my Incredible Hulk PJs back on (Bixby, not Bana,) climb back into bed, sleep for two more hours, get up, eat another breakfast, get dressed, go back to work and try this all over again.

 The way I see it, if you step in goose droppings the instant you get to work, you get a do-over.  No questions asked!  Because THAT day ain’t getting any better unless you do a reboot.

Assuming that you’re still reading, you’re probably asking, “what about your supervisor or co-workers?  How are they going to feel about you going home and ‘starting over?'”  You know what, I think they’d be cool with it.  That’s right, I work with nice people and I am confident that they would back me up on this.  “You stepped in goose-droppings?  You get a do-over! And put on a nicer shirt!”  (They actually say that…and it always hurts.) 

Somewhere at this very moment, there is a goatee-wearing “evil” Chris in a parallel universe who is sleeping peacefully while his still kinda-smelly shoes are airing out on the front step.

He also owns a rocket car, ’cause Man, I was so TOTALLY close to getting one of those.

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