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Fall-Type Music Thing

September 28, 2009 | By | No Comments

smallwonderI have always loved Fall in MN; the way it comes bursting in unannounced and proceeds to drunkenly tell stories about when you used to set your VCR to record every episode of “Small Wonder” back in the 80’s.  Oh sure, you can deny it all you want in the hopes that Fall decides to go away and pass out in the corner until Spring.  But the truth is, you’re stuck.  Fall is going to draw all of the room’s attention and tell the embarrassing stories while being completely oblivious to the small amount of spittle at the corner of it’s mouth.

I do like it when the leaves change, though; that’s always kinda pretty.


Now that my CD is done (available here at my online store, of course) I actually have time to work on some other musical projects that haven’t been getting the proper amount of Schuet-tention lately (yeah, I make up words now.)  I spent a few hours yesterday afternoon recording the li’l piece I’m posting below.   Since the Fall wind & rain were conspiring outside my window while I worked on it, I decided to call this piece “Equinox.” I also called it this because I’m fairly certain I haven’t used that song title yet.  It runs 3:00m, but you can listen longer if you like.

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Chris Schuette

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