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Weekly Thing #29: See a Sigh

December 5, 2008 | By | No Comments

Patty & I went to the Science Museum of Minnesota last weekend.  It was my birthday, so for fun I like to ask what’s up with those dinosaurs, since the world in only 6000 years old.  They look horrified, I get a chuckle, and no harm done.  We also got to solve a murder, but before that we checked out the CSI:The Experience exhibit where you get to solve a fake murder.  They give you a clipboard, you look at “crime scene,” then do all sorts of sciencey stuff to figure out how the fake-person fake-died.  Pretty cool, although the mouth-breathers in front of us in line felt it necessary to bring a bunch of young children in with them.  I dunno, that seems a little intense for kids, doesn’t it?  Hell, I was slightly traumatized when I saw the witch melting in the Wizard of Oz (luckily it prepared for the sight of Nazis melting in Raiders of the Lost Ark.)

Anyway, I wrote some music in a style hopefully reminiscent of the music one might hear on CSI.  I call it “See a Sigh” ’cause I hate lawsuits.  It runs 1:08m and makes me feel like a big man.

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