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December 2008 - Chris Schuette

Weekly Thing #32: Walking Small

December 28, 2008 | By | No Comments

As a musician, I often hear voices in my head…I mean, “songs;” I often hear songs in my head.  I came up with this week’s piece while watching my dog, Bear kinda lumbering and snooping around the house.  I swear sometimes that dog has his own soundtrack.  It’s a really short musical cue at 44 seconds, but hey, I said what I wanted to say. Enjoy!

Weekly Thing #31: Battle of the Frontiers

December 27, 2008 | By | No Comments

I know what you’re thinking: “Hey, he named this week’s piece after a battle from the early days of World War I in 1914!”  Well, yes; yes, I did.  Don’t ask me why (oh, for the love of God,please don’t ask me why!)

I actually came up with the drums first and filled in the rest of it while enjoying blueberry pie and coffee; that’s just how the creative mind works.  With any luck, the Christmas spirit will hit me soon and I’ll stop writing these darker pieces for awhile.  Hey, it could happen!

Weekly Thing #30: Be Young

December 12, 2008 | By | No Comments

I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet, and at this rate, everyone will be getting a piano solo in their stocking.  Just kidding, I plan to think about considering an impending start to my shopping planning when I’m ready…which is likely be anytime now…but not yet.

…ahem. On to the music!

I was just noodling around with a Rhodes patch on my keyboard and recorded some improvisation.  (In other words, “Dude, I totally made this stuff up…totally!”)  Then I thought, “hey, maybe I could add some tremolo and reverb.”  Before I knew it, I had something that sounds like, well, “Styx.” circa 1979.  Not really my intention, and I’m taking steps to ensure something like this doesn’t happen again.  As punishment, I decided to call this piece “Be Young.” It runs 1:17m.

Come Flail Away, people.

Weekly Thing #29: See a Sigh

December 5, 2008 | By | No Comments

Patty & I went to the Science Museum of Minnesota last weekend.  It was my birthday, so for fun I like to ask what’s up with those dinosaurs, since the world in only 6000 years old.  They look horrified, I get a chuckle, and no harm done.  We also got to solve a murder, but before that we checked out the CSI:The Experience exhibit where you get to solve a fake murder.  They give you a clipboard, you look at “crime scene,” then do all sorts of sciencey stuff to figure out how the fake-person fake-died.  Pretty cool, although the mouth-breathers in front of us in line felt it necessary to bring a bunch of young children in with them.  I dunno, that seems a little intense for kids, doesn’t it?  Hell, I was slightly traumatized when I saw the witch melting in the Wizard of Oz (luckily it prepared for the sight of Nazis melting in Raiders of the Lost Ark.)

Anyway, I wrote some music in a style hopefully reminiscent of the music one might hear on CSI.  I call it “See a Sigh” ’cause I hate lawsuits.  It runs 1:08m and makes me feel like a big man.