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Weekly Thing #5: Baseball

June 18, 2008 | By | No Comments

This week I was hoping to post a new song I’ve been working on, but to be perfectly honest, It’s not done yet. Yeah, I still need to add the alpenhorns and that synth patch from “Lucky Man.” I actually spent a good portion of the last week working on music for my friend’s wedding. Funny story: Turns out that during my preparations, I failed to see that the wedding is actually June 21st, not June 14. So imagine my surprise when I get there and I don’t recognize anyone. I set up my music at the piano, thinking that all of the recognizable people are downstairs. Long story short, I’m a dumbass. And also, a BIG apology to Patty involves buying ice cream…quickly!

Anyway, since the longer piece isn’t done yet, I’m posting something that will hopefully evoke fond memories of peanuts & Cracker Jack. This is a piece of “Baseball Music” I recently wrote for a local radio spot. I had to fill 30 seconds of music to be played behind the voiceover. Pretty simple stuff, really, but I still give it a 6 out of 10 on the Cheese-O-Meter (yeah, I can admit that.) Here is the track with the voiceover, ’cause context is everything.

Oh, and the longer piece should be ready by next week; you know, to help get rid of the awful aftertaste of peanuts & Cracker Jack. Play ball![powerpress]

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