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Bach To The Future

March 3, 2008 | By | No Comments

(I know that’s a terrible title. The polite thing would be to ignore it. Are we still cool? Thanks.)

Scientific American recently posted an article about some researchers in Berlin who digitally reconstructed the face of 17th-18th Century super-stud and musical genius, Johann Sebastian Bach (uh, no relation to that woman who played Daisy Duke or that tool from Skid Row.) Bach is the guy who wrote (among other things) “Toccata & Fugue in D Minor” (you’ve heard it in countless old horror movies) and “Air on a ‘G’ String” (no snickering from the Percussion section!) Oh, and he also fathered 20 kids. Dude!

According to the article, this is what Bach looked like when he wasn’t wearing his peruke (or “wig”)


And of course, people would travel from miles around just to hear his famous catchphrase: “Diplomatic Immunity!


I’m always fascinated by these kinds of stories (mostly because I don’t get out much.) It reminds us that these people weren’t just statues and portraits; they actually lived, breathed, and often smelled bad…just like most of us musicians today.

I’ll be in the shower.

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