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Freakin’ Brrr (Plus Pictures!)

January 16, 2008 | By | No Comments

Freakin’ BrrrOK, so it’s cold here in Minnesota. Really cold. It’s the kind of cold weather that people think we always have up here in Paradise. (We call it “Pants Weather.”) As a result of this extreme Butt-Coldness, our dogs, Indie & Bear are bored. Really bored. Like, “Kevin Costner Movie” bored.

At first we didn’t know why Bear was whining all the time. I figured it was because of the Writers Strike or something, but apparently dogs like physical activity. (Boy, you learn something new every day!) I’m sitting there asking him what he wants like I’m in some pathetic Lassie episode (which, of course, is all of them.) I even tried changing his name to “Whinemeister B,” to give him some street cred, but nothing worked! A friend of mine even suggested a “poochie psychiatrist!” Honestly, if I won’t seek psychiatric help, what chance do you think the dog has?

Unfortunately, this isn’t the best time to play with the dogs outside, what with it being 146 degrees below zero and all. As a result, we’ve been playing games indoors. The games have a annoying tendency to result in extensive drywall damage and bodily injury; just like my baptism, if the photos are to be believed. Indie likes to play too, but since she’s a girl, she really prefers Barbie’s Malibu Rawhide Chewey McChewies, or Bark Bark Revolution (always with the barking.)

I found some great websites with all sorts of indoor activities that will hopefully keep Bear from going all Jack Torrance on us. So far, Indie & Bear both love hide & seek, but truthfully, they’re actually very bad at it; I waited behind that door for a damn hour! I nearly ran out of tortilla chips too! They also love to play fetch with the tennis ball (please see “drywall damage” reference above.) Oh well, at least I get to go to Home Depot more often.

As promised after last week’s oh-so-cathartic Neil Diamond rant, here are some pictures of Indie & Bear for your dining & dancing pleasure. Enjoy!

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