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Yes Dear, You’re a “Writer”

December 26, 2007 | By | 2 Comments

Patty and I spent Christmas Eve over at my Mom’s place. The whole family was there and we had a great time. It’s a wonderful opportunity to catch up on all the latest family news while enjoying both kinds of nog: egg and beef. Of course, a few family members wanted to know what I’ve been up to, so I tell them about this blog.

Have you ever tried explaining blogging to your non-techie family members? They look at you like you’re nuts…even when you’re NOT stuffing your face full of day-old brisket. I love the responses I get:

  • “How do they let you do that?” (“they?”)
  • “It sounds expensive.” (“Yes. Yes it is.”)
  • “How could you be a writer? You’re an [Accountant, Attorney, Idiot, etc.]”
  • “What do you write about?”

OK, the last question is legitimate: “What do you write about?” I ponder the question while I grab another cup of holiday fish. “Well, I write about, ah…er, uh, well, I wrote about how there’s no such thing as Orange Pie, even though there is. Um, I wrote about the time Bear & I killed a squirrel in the front yard, or how I’m a freak who never played Monopoly. I think several of the stories involve pet vomit…” As I trail off and look around the room at the blank stares, I wonder why I’m the one in the hot-seat, while Uncle Elwin, the “professional ventriloquist” with the Grover Cleveland-mustache gets a pass. What a rip! Luckily, I had the presence of mind to succinctly explain that blogging is simply a creative outlet that doesn’t frighten my loved ones…unlike being a musician. Plus, I get to swear repeatedly, just like that one time at Godfather’s Pizza.

My mom quickly caught on. “So, you’re like a newspaper columnist?” she asked. “Well, if you’re implying that I’m an irrelevant hack, then yes, I’m exactly like a newspaper columnist,” I replied. I added that there are literally thousands of blogs out there that she might enjoy, but she replied that she really doesn’t want to bother anyone.

Um, OK.

Anyway, Patty & I, plus Indie & Bear (and to a lesser extent, the cats) hope the two of you who are reading this had a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and an Awesomely Awesome Boxing Day. Peace!

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